“SantoWines, representing all the cultivators of the island, is committed to producing authentic Santorini wines of superior quality while respecting the Santorini traditional vinification techniques, protecting the precious Santorini vineyard and its sustainable development.”

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Our History
The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, named as SantoWines, was founded in 1947. Today, SantoWines, the biggest wine producer of the island, has approximately 2500 members that equals to the total number of the producers of the island, while 1000 of them are active.

Wine for us is art, made with love and care…. and for that reason we have gathered all the necessary elements…

We built a new, state of the art winery in 1992 and having as our main concern the continuous improvement of the quality of our wines, SantoWines people, with care and respect for the 3500 years of Santorini wine tradition, create our famous awarded wines Appellation of Origin Santorini of High Quality.

SantoWines social responsibility profile goes along with its corporate strategic view. Our aim is to support Santorini producers and to protect Santorini vineyard and its unique in the world grape varieties.

Research and Development
SantoWines Research and Development Department is participating in special projects seeking the improvement of the cultivation techniques, of the vinification processes and of the products quality.

In Santorini we have created a nursery of indigenous grape varieties so that Santorini vineyard remains genuine and in excellent condition.


Oenotourism Center

Guided tour – Wine Tasting – Shop 

SantoWines believes that Santorini wine is unique in the world and this is why in 1992, on the upper terrace of the new weinry, created Santowines Oenotourism Center.


We invite you to a fascinating journey in the world of Santorini wine…


SantoWines Winery. Learn about the vinification process and aging of wines!


SantoWines Wine Bar. Taste our awarded wines!


SantoWines Shop. Explore an assortment of wines, wine accessories as well as other santorini traditional food products

Multimedia show: Watch the documentary film produced by SantoWines, and learn about the history of Santorini Wine.  A unique location: SantoWines Oenotourism center is situated on the top of the caldera cliff, with a magnificent view of santorini volcano and the Aegean Sea.

We are open from April to the end of November, from 10 in the morning till sunset.


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