Duration: 4 Hours

Pick up locations: Hotels, Port.

If you arrive in Patmos on a cruise ship, will meet your licensed tour guide at the pier to start your private tour.

Patmos is considered to be the island of divine intervention. It is one of the most spirituals islands in all of the Aegean.

What you can expect to see in Patmos on this half day tour…


The Chora was built like a labyrinth to keep the pirates away. It is full of many nice houses and little souvenir/authentic shops. The Chora was also the home city of Emmanuel Xanthos, who was one of the founding members of the Society of Friends. This secret society served as a revolutionary organization during the Greek War of Independence. 


Zoodochos Pigis means “the life giving source”, this female monastery is one of its kind. Fifteen nuns occupy the monastery mastering the arts of embroideries of clerical vestments and needlework. These nuns live under strict rules and take part in social welfare programs.


Located in the central part of the island and 4, 5 km from the Chora, it is the most populated settlement on the island. Picturesque taverns, restaurants, shops of all kinds, Greek cafes, bars, and nightclubs can be found in Skala. Among many other things to see in the Skala, one of them is the ancient Acropolis.

In the end of the tour, you will be driven back to Patmos Port.

Note: No shorts or bare shoulders are permitted in the Monastery. Typically ladies must wear skirts and are offered a wrap to wear around the waist if a skirt is not worn. Please come prepared or you may be turned away.


Private Vehicle, fuels, tolls (wherever exist), parking fee, English-speaking driver, Professional English or French-speaking guide, insurance covery of the passengers up to ?500,000 in total, VAT and all taxes.

Not Included: 
*Entrance fees in archaeological and historical sites, hotel accommodation wherever needed, beverages and meals.

Entrance Fee:
St John s Cave and Monastery – per person 7 euro
Sundays or Holidays: * Supplement per vehicle 140 euro 
* Charge for driver and tour guide based on labor legislation in Greece.

* NOTE: !!! Our Guides are LICENSED and Members of the Union official Guides in Greece.

** NOTE: !!! Our Drivers are Professionals and English speaking.

Important Note:
Please note that not allowed Taxi drivers, Minivan drivers and Bus drivers to do the job of the tour guides, this is prohibited by Greek law. 
The tour guide profession is protected by the Greek legislation
Our Company from its establishment until now, works only with official, professional, licensed tour guides.

Please note that in case you may wish to book a private tour through our website, in no way means that you are obliged to follow the exact route of showing the proposed tour. 
You have the ability to change the order of the sites, to remove or add attractions, provided it does not exceed the time duration and distances that you have already booked.
We are flexible to any changes that you may wish during your private tour, our aim is your complete satisfaction.
Our drivers and our licensed tour guides are at your disposal in order to provide you with the best service.

If you are interested in booking this Private Tour please fill in these details that follow and you will be informed of the pricing details.


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