Duration 4 hours (With licensed tour guide)

Pick up locations: Airport, Port, Hotels, Resorts.

The lush, green island of ,Mitilene or Lesvos, is like no other Greek island.
Mytilini is the third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia. Virtually unaffected by the mass tourism than other Greek islands, Lesvos is the perfect destination
Lesvos is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece. 

If you are traveling by a cruise ship,you will meet your licensed tour guide at the port of Mytilini.

Departing from the port, enjoy a scenic drive of the town of Mytilini, viewing the Kastro, an impressive Byzantine foundation of Emperor Justinian. From there on, you will proceed to Taxiarches to visit the church Kagiani.

After your visit, you will be driven to the museum of Theofilos. Displayed in this museum are 80 of his fantasies of another age and the works of other evocative, primitive local painters. Theofilos detailed fishermen, bakers and harvesters of rural Lesvos and executed creditable portraits of personalities he met on his travels. The only traces of our age are occasional airplanes or steamboats in the background of his landscapes. Just along the road is the Teriade museum, a local who emigrated to Paris in the early 20th century. This artist and critic helped publicize Theophilos and rose to fame as the foremost publisher of graphic art in Paris. The museum exhibit includes his publications “Minotaur” and “Verved” magazines and his collection of works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Leger and Miro.

Upon completion of the tour you will proceed to Agiasos for a visit of the church of the Virgin Mary and some free time will be given for shopping before your return trip to the port. .

In case you may wish to change itinerary, see below our suggestion for best places to visit

Best places to visit.

Mitilini Town
Mytilini it is an amazing little city full of life and surprises. There are many churches of interest and also renowned neo-classical mansions scattered throughout the city, particularly in the old aristocratic neighborhoods. Mytilini has been a prominent intellectual center in the Aegean from ancient times to the present. As evidence are the nearby Theophilos and Teriade Museums which contain collections that any gallery in the world would be honored to have in their possession. One of the most interesting neighborhoods is the area between the waterfront and the castle with a mixture of old Turkish houses and mansions.

Plomari Town 
Forty-two kilometers from Mytilini town, on the southern coast of Lesvos, Plomari Town, World ouzo capital , is built near the sea and is the second largest town on Lesvos island. This is the place where the famous ouzo was found.

Eressos Village & Skala of Eressos
On the southwestern end of Lesvos is the village of Eressos and Skala Eressos. The birthplace of the poetess Sapho, the beach town of Skala Eressos once a Mecca for International lesbians is also a favorite place for honeymooners and a favorite weekend beach destination for the locals.

Kaloni – Skala Kaloni
The Bay of Kaloni and in particular the beach town of Skala Kaloni is the nature capital as well as the sardine capital of the island.
The town of Kaloni sits in a lush and enormous valley that borders the bay of Kaloni. This valley is home to many different species of birds and wildflowers and in springtime the hotels are full of bird watchers from all over the world. The bay itself is a marvel to behold. More like an inland sea then a bay, it is ringed by mountains on two sides and the fertile valley on another opposite a small channel that leads to the sea. It is full of sardines which Lesvos and Kaloni in particular are famous for. Sardines from Kaloni bay are the healthiest in the world due to their high mineral content. 

Agiassos is 26 kilometers from Mytilini town on the pine and olive covered slopes of Mount Olympos. There are plentiful platanos, apple, chestnut, pear and cherry trees as well as varieties of other trees and shrubs. The town itself is a completely traditional village of narrow stone streets and picturesque lanes. Many of the houses have projecting upper floors known as sachnisia with wooden balconies decorated with flower pots of begonias, carnations, geraniums and other ornamental plants. The industrious women of Agiassos still spin and weave. For many years the town was known for its pottery and this tradition is carried on today. There is also a high level of wood-carving. The craftsmen make beautiful carved wooden icons and furniture.
Agiassos is the known throughout Greece for the church to the Virgin Mary, the Panagia ti Vrefokratousa in the center of town.

Molyvos is the tourist capital of Lesvos. Mithymna, or Molyvos as it was called during the middle ages, is truly an amazing town. 
The town is situated on a small mountain topped by a dramatic medieval castle, built by the Byzantines and renovated by the Gattelusis, who were from Genoa and were ceded the island when Francesco Gattelusi married the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor John Paliologos. The original castle which this one replaced, was conquered by none other then Achilles during the Trojan war. There are still ancient ruins scattered around the town including impressive polygonal walls and a few giant holes where archaeologists have begun their slow work.
The town of Molyvos itself is built of stone houses and shops which surround the castle and follow the coast to one of the most beautiful harbors in Greece.


Private Vehicle, fuels, tolls (wherever exist), parking fee, English-speaking driver, Professional English or French-speaking guide, insurance covery of the passengers up to 500,000 euro in total, VAT and all taxes.

Not Included:
*Entrance fees in archaeological and historical sites, hotel accommodation wherever needed, beverages and meals.

Entrance Fee:
Archaeological Museum – per person 3 euro
Terriade Museum – per person 2 euro
Theofilos Museum – per person 2 euro
Castle of Molyvos – per person 3 euro

Sundays or Holidays: * Supplement per vehicle 180 euro 
* Charge for driver and tour guide based on labor legislation in Greece.

* NOTE: !!! Our Guides are LICENSED and Members of the Union official Guides in Greece.

** NOTE: !!! Our Drivers are Professionals and English speaking.

Important Note:
Please note that not allowed Taxi drivers, Minivan drivers and Bus drivers to do the job of the tour guides, this is prohibited by Greek law. 
The tour guide profession is protected by the Greek legislation
Our Company from its establishment until now, works only with official, professional, licensed tour guides.

Please note that in case you may wish to book a private tour through our website, in no way means that you are obliged to follow the exact route of showing the proposed tour. 
You have the ability to change the order of the sites, to remove or add attractions, provided it does not exceed the time duration and distances that you have already booked.
We are flexible to any changes that you may wish during your private tour, our aim is your complete satisfaction.
Our drivers and our licensed tour guides are at your disposal in order to provide you with the best service.

If you are interested in booking this Private Tour please fill in these details that follow and you will be informed of the pricing details.


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