Santorini hotel services & luxury facilities

Katikies Hotels were the first Hotels on the Caldera cliffs to ever provide luxury personalized services and facilities, combined with their unique natural environment and location.

Unassuming and ultimately refined hotel services and state of the art luxury facilities are the defining hallmark of Katikies Hotels’ hospitality excellence that we invite you to experience in our distinguished Katikies Hotel, Kirini Suites & Spa, Villa Katikies, Chromata, and Sun Rocks Hotel.

Painstaking attention and deliberation in every given detail of all Katikies Hotels’ services and luxury facilities offered, prevails and reigns in all our luxury boutique hotels, making every stay in Santorini truly unforgettable.

Experience the beauty of Santorini Island and delight in the azure infinity of Katikies Hotels’ pristine pools, luxuriate with the boutique hotels personalized services, facilitate your dream wedding through our dedicated team of wedding planners, or just simply marvel at the range of our luxury facilities in Santorini.


Pools in Santorini Island

Luxuriating alongside any one of the eternity pools, that blend harmoniously into the magnificence of their natural setting, is a defining experience. Merging into one with the azure seas of the Aegean, our infinity pools in Santorini are true works of art, offering you unique moments of leisure.

Spa and massage in Santorini

Our teams of highly qualified therapists are amongst the best spa and massage experts in Santorini. Come, succumb and relax of our luxurious “A SPA” at Kirini Suites & Spa or in the treatment room of the hotel.