1. Through which way can I pay?
In order to book a transfer or a tour you must pay off the entire amount which you can pay:
– By Bank draft to our account.
– With cash.

2. If my arrival flight delays, will your collaborator wait for me to pick me up?
Of course he will wait for you. All our collaborators are all the time informed of the arrival times as well as the changes that might occur and they wait for your arrival flight to pick you up and deliver you to your final destination.

3. How will I get to know the person who will be waiting for me?
Our collaborator that will wait for you at your arrival point, will be holding a sign with your name as well as our company’s name written on. Having those clues, you shall go towards him.

4. What will happen if, nevertheless, I will not be able to meet with your collaborator?
Though something like this is impossible to happen, you can contact somebody from our office by calling to our tel. centre, which you can reach 24 hours a day and we will serve you. In the worst case where an accident has occurred and our collaborator will not be able to come to the meeting point and pick you up, and since our colleague from the tel. centre will not be able to serve you by sending another vehicle to pick you up or you don’t have enough time to wait for another vehicle to come and pick you up, then we will advise you to be transferred by a taxi, the cost of which will burden our Company and we shall return to you the amount you paid for the transfer.

5. What should I do if I get to the meeting point earlier than the pre-arranged time?
You will have to remain to the meeting point until our collaborator comes and pick you up, or you can get in touch with our tel. centre to give you instructions.

6. If I have already paid off all the amount of my reservation regarding the transfer and have to cancel it for any reason, will I lose all of my money?
In case the transfer is cancelled 14 working days prior to the pre-arranged date of its fulfilment, you will lose the 50% of the total amount.
In case you cancel the transfer in less than 14 working days time prior the pre-arranged date of its fulfilment, you will then lose the entire amount you have deposited.


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